Coming Up

Sat 3rd March, 2018

3:00 PM

The Chef Show – Fun for Foodies

Enjoy a different theatre experience: delicious entertainment as Khalid and Abdul lift the lid on their Indian restaurant. Complete with live Chef. Sample the dishes and order a takeaway. Ragged Edge Productions’ spicy SELLOUT national touring comedy will engage at least four of your five senses – Sight, Hearing (of course), Smell and Taste too, as Dereham Memorial Hall is transformed into all the Indian restaurants you’ve ever enjoyed, with a chef cooking on gas before your eyes!

Order your tickets at
and pay what you decide after you’ve seen the Show!

It’s Saturday night at your local Indian restaurant, the place is packed, the staff are under pressure, the owner and his son are arguing about its future. The customers include a couple on their first date, a married couple not speaking to one another, a hen party, some drunken racists . . . Watch it happen around you as the chef cooks a couple of authentic vegetarian dishes for you to sample during the interval. This innovative social comedy lifts the lid on the Indian restaurant trade and gently probes the issues facing its staff living and working in a different culture. Humour, food and empathy – a potent and winning combination.

Price : pay what you decide!

Go to, book the tickets for your table, pay nothing till you’ve seen the show, then decide how much the experience is worth to you. You CAN choose to pay nothing at all! AND Order a takeaway!

Friends of Dereham Memorial Hall have teamed up with Madhu Choudhry, the proprietor of Ethnic Fusion Catering, creator of fine handmade Indian meals. Look at the menu on ticketsource, choose, order and pay for your delicious dishes on line before Sunday 25th February, pick up the chilled food in the bar after the show (ends 5.15pm), and enjoy your top quality takeaway when you get home!

For further details call, 01362 696900.